Mar 28, 2015

Church Launch Tomorrow

launchinviteIt is here. We have been talking about it for months on Facebook and Twitter and now the date is upon us.


Tomorrow, March 29, 2015 at 10:30 am starts the first service in the Lewiston Community Center.

Excited does not even begin to cover it. We are excited about what God is going to do in our services and our community.

Anointed Praise was a dream for a long time. A place where people who were unchurched, prodigals, or those who are not satisfied with status quo church to have a new place to worship. The valley needs a place for the hurting to be healed, those who feel displaced to call home and a place for anyone who wants to be a part of the amazing work God desires to do.

We covet your prayers and if you are in the local community, please come out and join us for a time of worship, praise and celebration of Jesus Christ.

Palm Sunday

Tomorrow is also traditionally Palm Sunday. This is the day recognized the world over as a remembrance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem as the crowd waves Palm branches and sang Hosanna to the King. They believed Jesus was going to be crowned king and deliver them from the slavery and abuse they all suffered at the hands of the Roman soldiers. But it was for so much more.

Jesus did not come to rule Jerusalem. He did not come to free the captives of his nation. He came that we might all have abundant life and that we could be like Him. Palm Sunday should be a celebration no doubt, but not just for His ‘triumphant’ entry into the city but that He came that even generations later we can have eternal life. This is why we are starting the church.

Let Them Know

For weeks now, and even months as we prepared for this day, I have woken to the words,

 Let them know.. Let them know.. Tell them Jesus Loves them so….

It is the words to a song from years gone by but it is much more than that. It reverberates through my brain the burden and call that God has placed upon my life.

It has been hard at times to see those in the city who used to go to church but now are living a life less blessed. I won’t say they are backslidden, but that they have forgotten the power and anointing.

Maybe they grew complacent. It is easy to do so when life is going alright. But are they living the satisfied life in Jesus? Do they still hear his voice in the night? I really do not know. But there are more than just them.

Every person we walk by, work with, check out with in the grocery store is a soul headed somewhere. Somehow, we have to let them know. They need Jesus. They can have a better life and a future in Him.

Pray With Us

Please join us in prayers for our city. We want to fulfill the call Jesus placed on our lives. We are looking for 300 people to join us in prayers for our ministry. If you are interested in being a part, please contact us on our website. If you could just spend a few moments each day to pray for Anointed Praise Ministries in Lewiston Idaho, we would greatly appreciate it. Somehow, we must let them know….