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Jan 14, 2012

The Real Winner

flatfootballToday I watched football, and I wanted Denver to win. They have been ‘my team’ long before the phenomenon of Tim Tebow.

I’ll admit that over the past few weeks I have become impressed with this guy.  It almost seems like someone wrote a script on how we would like to see our sports heroes behave.

I do not know him in person, and granted most of what I find out is either online or on some other form of media, but to some degree this guy almost seems too good to be true; almost as if he is just playing a part in some grand theater performance. He seems genuine though.

Who Is Tim Tebow?

If you haven't heard, he is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. I wrote about him a little, a few weeks back on my other blog.  He has proven leadership abilities both on an off the field.

This past week, and even a little before that, people have been emulating the way he prays, commenting on his life, making jokes, and some like myself have been a bit impressed.

I became more impressed today.

I Was Sick…

It is part of a scripture from Matthew 25. I was sick and ye visited me, hungry and you fed me, and so on and so forth.Today I found out that Tim brings at least one disabled, terminal, or otherwise impaired teen or child with him to each game. Not the same person, but different ones. And not just in home games but even the away games.

Tim spends time with them before the game, takes photos, gives them football gear, even takes interviews with them beside him.  The joy was shown today in the eyes of one young girl.

I am not sure what her condition was called, but you could tell she was very happy, and he spent a great deal of time with her before the game. He mentioned to a commentator that instead of going to the locker room and psyching himself up, he spends time with one of these individuals before the game, and uses that to get himself fired up. He affects change in peoples lives while doing his job.

No Better Than…

He also mentioned that his parents taught him that he is no better than anyone else as a young child. He said even though he is looked upon as something wonderful by so many people, he is only doing his job, and he is no more special than then mail man, fireman, or grocery store clerk.

He honestly seems a bit uncomfortable in interviews because he doesn’t get why they think he is that great. Oh, and did I mention he prays and is a true Christian?

No, don’t run away, this posting is not about Tim Tebow. Well, it is, but hang on.. I am getting there.

Uncomfortable Grace

Today on his Facebook page, Tim posted Romans 8:37-39. In all things we are ‘more than conquerors… nothing shall separate us from the love of God.’

This was several hours before the playoff game to determine if the Broncos would win another level on the way to the Super Bowl game.  I even saw a poll where 41% of people were thinking that God wanted Denver Broncos to win with Tebow. Odds were that they would go all the way, and some had even bet money on it.

But when it comes to talking about himself, Tim always seems to turn the conversation to someone else. The team, the disabled person he brought to the game, even God. God always comes up in any conversation with him.

He could be telling everyone how wonderful he is, but instead he uses humility and grace to turn the conversation to someone else. And he does the same thing on or off the field.

Ego & Bravado vs Humility & Grace

The other quarterback that played today is a far different story. He seems to thrive more on the publicity, even controversial, and he truly believes he is as good as his handlers say. Oh, and he is married to a supermodel, so perhaps some of his ego is deserved.

Now, I don’t know Tom Brady either, but in every interview I have seen, he thinks he is an important as everyone around him says. He is also pretty good at football, and so I guess somewhat deserved, but on and off the field he shows his ego and bravado.  So, of course the media loves him.

I have even seen some people compare the two quarterbacks to evil versus good.  I don’t think that is entirely true, but there is some truth there.

Tom shows his ego and bravado. Tim shows humility and grace.

The Difference

I said this wasn’t going to be about football, or Tim Tebow and it  isn’t. I want to show the difference, not between the men, but between humility and ego, bravado and grace.

  • The Bible says that  we shouldn’t be arrogant or proud. It even says that true love doesn’t puff itself up.
  • Humility will always give others first choice, while ego will take first, or get upset and angry. Humility loves.
  • Grace will always accept the situation, no matter the outcome, while bravado is all about winning. Grace says I can still do it, and there will be a next time.

Evil Sometimes Wins

Now, I am not saying that all ego is evil, or that being brave is not a good thing. It has its place. However, it almost always has the attitude that it will win or else someone will pay for it.

I don’t think Jesus wants us to just hide in the darkness, but humility and grace always puts others ahead of self. Its not about ‘How I am doing, it is about how are you?’

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to win more. I would love to have my way sometimes, just as much as you do, and sometimes I succeed.

But sometimes we lose, and the worst can happen.

The Purpose of Evil

Again, I am not saying that if my team didn’t win, the other team cheats, or that God should just fix it so I always get my way.

The truth is we need difficulty in our lives.  We need times where we don’t get everything we want. We need those times, even when they are hard, where we ask, “Why did God allow this?’

It is in our struggles, or evils, that we learn how to stand. We gain strength, we learn how to trust God. We go through a testing period, either for ourselves, or for a purpose God has in mind down the road.  If there was no trial, test, problem, evil as it were, we wouldn’t have strength, we wouldn’t set goals, we would just go through life without purpose. We would never grow.

Accepting The Circumstance

  • We can call it many things; trial, test, tribulation, situation, circumstance, evil, more terms could follow meaning the same thing

Why would God allow this? Why didn’t he do this for me? We hear those kinds of questions all the time, and even say them ourselves at times.

And don’t get me wrong, there are times that accepting what has happened can be very hard. I realize that. There are times when it takes all we have to keep trusting God, and sadly, there are many who do not make it, but instead fall into things, that in a former life, they would never been caught even close to.

But we can be sure of a couple of things.

  • If we fall we can choose to get up.
  • Evil only wins for a short time and then it is gone.

Change Happens

Whatever the circumstance that knocks us down is, it can only prevail for a little while. It isn’t permanent.  Bravado and ego is the same way.

It is true that sometimes ego is going to win, but it is not long term, and it has a purpose to make us stronger.

However, humility and grace have a lasting effect. It touches more lives, it changes them, and makes things better. He wasn’t lying when He said His ‘grace is sufficient, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.’

Ego touches one person for a short time, humility changes lives, possibly eternally.

No one was ever so humble as Christ himself, yet he took on the shame and reproach of the cross that we might win.

He could have come out and said I am God; zap someone with fire or a lightning bolt; go back up into Heaven; and be happy with us going through the motions. Being robotic, just doing what we are told, getting what we need, not striving to achieve anything else. But no, He is the God of humility.

Romans 8:37-39

So, we didn’t win the game today.  Being more than conquerors doesn’t mean that God will give us the ability to always be right, always win, always get what I want. 

That scripture means that no matter what happens, good or bad, we are still more than conquerors, and nothing can separate us from His Love.

So, Who Wins?

James 4:6 says, ‘But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.’

Grace to the humble and God resists the proud. Who wins?

As I am sure most of our mothers have told us at sometime, ‘It isn’t whether you win or lose, but its how you play the game.’ How profound!

Humility and Grace for the WIN!


Jan 11, 2012

He Can Roar But He Can’t Hurt You!


A few days ago I saw a video that at first made me jump, and then made me smile.  A little girl was at a zoo and a lion was roaring, pawing at the window, ready to attack her, and the little girl stood there.

At this particular zoo there was glass between the animals and people instead of the usual bars I am used to and so it was all the more heart jumping action as I wondered just how strong that glass was. I  remarked to someone after watching the video how that little girl was amazing, and seemed to have no fear.

An angry, hungry lion in full-on attack mode and three year old Sofia stood her ground. You can see the video clip here.

Fear Not!

How many times as Christians have we heard those words. Fear Not! Seems like over the years maybe thousands of times? Yet, a storm will break out, a trial will come upon us, and our faith is shaken, our fears rise to the surface, and we wonder how we are going to make it.

It has been said that the phrase ‘fear not’ appears in the Bible 365 times. I am not sure of the accuracy of that, but between other similar references it is very clear that we are told to not be afraid of what may come along. 

As Christians our banner is Faith, and so it would be logical that we cannot have faith and still be fearful, but we too are human and fall into the grasp of the faint of heart when trials and tests come our way. I too fall prey to my fears at many times. It is easy to do.

However, one would think that over time, and many trials we would begin to realize that no matter what happens we are going to be okay.

Oh Ye Of Little Faith

Those were the words that came out of Jesus’ mouth when He was awakened by His disciples to calm the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Now, if anyone should have faith, you would think the very ones who walked and talked with Jesus, even ate dinner with Him should have faith. They should know everything was going to be okay. But falling into their own doubts, after a great miracle I might add, they woke Him to ‘Master, careth not that we perish?’

How many times have we done the same thing?

We love the worship, the singing, the dancing, the shouting, but let a little storm come into our life and we wonder where is God? 

Right There With Us

Matthew 28:20 states, ‘Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.’  He is right there in every situation with his protecting hand to shield us from harm.

Little Sofia knew that glass was between her and the lion. Sure, at first she reacted to the roar, but she stood her ground. She knew she was going to be okay. 

Many times in life, the enemy comes roaring and pawing at us, ready to destroy us. His roars get louder and his attacks seem more fierce as we face him, to the point it looks like he will devour us.

1 Peter 5:8 says the ‘devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking who he may devour.’ He would like to destroy us.  He wants to wreck our life, but more importantly, destroy our soul. He doesn’t like the freedom we can have in Jesus.

We can sugar coat it if we like, but there is a devil and he doesn’t want us having what he cannot. So he might come into our lives, roar and paw at us to try and get us to break. If can get us to stop believing in the power of the cross, the blood of Jesus and His love, then perhaps he can win.

Standing Firm

Galatians 5:1 says, ‘stand therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.’  We have freedom and liberty because Jesus Christ took our sins and hung on Calvary that we might be free from the bondage of sin and death. We can take hope that His grace truly is sufficient for us.

If we have taken on Christ, and are covered by His blood, nothing can shake us. Isaiah wrote, ‘I have engraved you in the palms of my hands.’ We are protected by our Creator against any attack of the enemy.

Just Keep Standing

That lion kept roaring and pawing at little Sofia in the video. It wanted to attack her or at the very least scare her. A lot of us would have run crying, maybe even screaming from that lion. But she seemed fearless. Why?

She knew that between her and the lion, there was a protective barrier. That lion could not touch her. No matter how much the lion roared, it was not going to get through that barrier.

Our enemy is the same way. He can roar, he can paw, he can do all sorts of things to make us afraid but he cannot do anything to us when we are protected and bought with the blood of Jesus Christ. The enemy is powerless against the blood.

The End Of The Story

I am not sure how it all played out after, but at the end of the video clip, the lion is standing there watching that little three year old girl.

I wonder what was going through its mind?

This tiny creature who he could probably eat with one bite, stood there against the roar, against the pawing. There was nothing the lion could do.

It is the same with our lives. The enemy can roar at us, but cannot do anything when we are protected by God. Just a bunch of noise, and in the end, we will still be okay.

Sofia wants to go to the zoo, again, for her 4th birthday.

Jan 6, 2012

The Birthing of Revival

I am praying that this year is a Year of Restoration. I truly desire that God works in my life and brings his deliverance and healing into my body and spirit.

I also want revival in my city as I mentioned in a previous blog posting. It has become a passion for me, a burden even, to reach others.  I ran across a message I heard a little while ago and felt like sharing it. The speaker is Sis. Bobbye Wendell.

The Birthing of Revival

Jan 1, 2012

The Art of Gratitude


The New Year is upon us and like most people I too have been thinking about resolutions. We all do the lose weight, get in better shape, be more patient, and other typical thoughts, so I pondered a little bit harder this year.

I wanted to do resolutions that were actually possible, yet something in my own personal life I need to work on. This is what I came up with and I am sharing it with my readers.

New Years Resolutions

Just the very words put fear into some people. Others treat it lightly and make jokes because they know it is something they won’t keep very long. I heard a commentator today talk about his resolution, and he mentioned he made it at midnight and by 12:30 AM he had already broken it. I think he said it had something to do with food. But that is the way most people treat resolutions. It is just something to do.

I have done something similar in the past, even if I made any resolutions. I want to be different this year though. I wanted something that is actually achievable and I want to do my best to keep it. I want it to be an accomplishment at the end of the year.

I Am A Procrastinator

There, yes, I said it, and it is true. I do have a habit of procrastinating. Not with everything but with some things I just can’t get motivated. I make myself lists, even mark it on calendars that pop up on my computer to remind me every few days, and still I forget, and then before long I see the pop-up but I just close it and go back to whatever I am doing.

You know the usual? I keep planning to work out more on the treadmill, cut out some sweets, work on the books I am writing, but it seems I never quite have the time, or at the very least I lack the motivation.  So, what about this year?

I Need To Read

No, I don’t forget to read my Bible, and I do read online, on the iPad, magazines related to my hobbies, and close-captions on the TV. I even take time to read labels when I am shopping for groceries. But, when it comes to sitting down with an actual book, I never seem to do it.

Reading has become a dying skill, unless we count status on Facebook, texts from family or friends. I would dare to say that even most students do not read their textbooks, and in fact I know of at least one school where reading isn’t even a required subject anymore. I know. I was surprised too.

I Have Books

About a year ago, maybe longer, I am actually not sure my brother bought me some novels. They were authors I liked, and the genre I used to read all the time.

There were many nights where I would grab a book after dinner, or even after church on Sunday night, and begin to read as I ate a snack before bed, or even once I climbed in bed to unwind for the day. Many times, I would look at the clock knowing I had to leave for work at 7:30  and notice it was already 4:00 AM! I would hesitantly put down the book, and try to grab a few hours of sleep before work, and would be pushing for lunchtime so I could finish reading.

At the time I was a voracious reader. It was very typical for me to read at least a book a week, and many times two or three.  I loved to read. I am not sure what happened, but over time I guess I just got too busy to keep reading, until the books just sit on a shelf somewhere, unopened, many times with the price tag still stuck to the front. I would dare to say that within my eyesight are at least ten books I have never even opened the cover. Sad, isn’t it?

I Will Read More This Year

My first resolution. I will read more this year. I will make an effort to find the time to sit down with a book and finish it. Yes, life might still get in the way, but I want to get back to reading ‘real books’ before they are no longer being made.

The first book I am going to read this year is ‘The Prayer of Jabez.’ I don’t know much about it, but I have had a friend recommend it, and as a teacher, and an avid reader, I would think she would know what she is talking about.

Take, Take, Take

This year Christmas was different. My parents were away visiting my brother in Japan, and so I wasn’t too excited about Christmas. I live alone and do not have as many friends or family around as I used to, so at times it can become a bit lonely.  However, I decided this past year to go to one of those Black Friday sales, and I must admit I do not want to again.

It was as if people had become ravenous shoppers. Pushing, shoving, snatching items from the shelves before anyone else could get it, and if they happened to notice something in your cart that they wanted, they would try and talk you out of it. It was an experience.

It seems over the past couple of years Christmas has been more about what we get than what we give, even for me. I never told anyone but I was actually disappointed somewhat this year with what I got. Oh, there was a gift that I received that I really needed and appreciated, but  for the most part I felt left out of Christmas.  I didn’t even get a card from some who I really care about, even though I sent out cards myself.


Christmas isn’t supposed to be about sadness, or being disappointed, and yet this year I was. I didn’t really get to spend it with the ones I wanted, and the lack of gifts left me moody and disenchanted.  I only let it last for a couple of days and tried to make the best of it, but still and all, well I think you get the idea.

I started thinking about it the other day, ‘How do I react during the rest of the year?’ Am I of the same temperament that I was at Christmas?

Moody, sullen, downtrodden; are these words that describe me during the year? Sure, I am thankful for what I have, and I get by, but am I ungrateful?


I don’t think I am, and I try most of the time not to let my feelings show, but I really do not like others who are given so much and they act like it means nothing. I spent a few minutes, let’s be truthful, thinking about it and wondering about myself. Is that my attitude too?

The dictionary seems to lump thankful and grateful together. Most people would think they are the same thing, but digging deeper, they are a little bit different.


Thankful: In a nutshell, pleased and relieved. In fact most of the definition mentions relief.

Grateful: Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness.

There is a difference. Thankful seems to be a reflection of how we feel, while grateful seems to be an action we show others.

All you have to do is go back to Christmas morning and you can see the difference. Everyone is pleased with presents, but you can tell when they are grateful for what they get.

Gratefulness Is An Art

I experienced that this past year in spite of how I felt about Christmas.  I try and get, or make, gifts that I think the person I am giving will actually want.

I don’t just buy some random thing for my loved ones, or get something on a list, but I actually try and find something I think they will like.

This year I bought small stuffed animals for my twin nieces, and I wasn't;t actually sure haw they would feel about them. I liked the animals, you could feed them, pat them on the head, they made noises. The girls are four, so I thought perhaps they would like them but you can never be to sure.

The Gifts

They had a huge pile of presents and I was sure mine would just get lost in the mix, thrown aside, put on a shelf somewhere.

My gift was the second or third thing they opened, and when they saw what it was, immediately they took it to their dad to open the rest of the way. You know, the way they wrap toys these days is a pain, but that is a story for another day.

Anyhow, they stopped opening their other gifts because they wanted to play with what I got them. I felt relieved for sure, but maybe a little proud as well.  My gift mattered and in a small way I felt I mattered too.

Gratefulness Is A Funny Thing

After a little while, their grandmother wanted them to finish opening the rest of the gifts. She even seemed a little bit put off that here were all these other wrapped presents, and the girls were not interested in opening them.

They finally did open the rest, but as soon as they were finished it was back to playing with what I brought them. In a way I felt vindicated, proud, and yes grateful.

The girls gave me hugs, and were excited.  To be honest, so was I.  I was thankful I picked out something they would like, and actually play with, but also I was grateful for their appreciation.

While there wasn’t much for me to open at Christmas, my twin nieces gave me a gift of gratitude. Here it is days later and I still feel emotional about it.

I Will Be More Grateful This Year

My second and final resolution is to be more grateful this year. Sure, I could add in get in better shape, get rid of this or that, but I truly want to strive to be more grateful.

I have a hard time dealing with people giving me things. Most of the time, it  is because they don’t seem to really know me well enough to get something I like, but also, I am more a giver than a taker. It is hard for me to accept things I haven’t worked for, so gifts are not really something I react to.

Still Thankful

As I mentioned before I am thankful for what I have and the people in my life, but  I know at times I can be difficult to deal with, and even more so, I want to be more grateful.

Being grateful isn’t always easy in tough times, but it is an important act of life. A few years ago, there were ‘gratitude journals’ available online and in stores for people to write down their thoughts like a diary. I noticed it, but didn’t ascribe to it, simply because it was a ‘fad.’

However, this year I felt that instead of just accepting what is given me, or the way I am treated, I will really try and be more grateful.

I want gratefulness to be something that spreads into the lives of those around me and even farther until it is an epidemic.  By showing otehrs my gratefulness, maybe it will rub off, and lives will be changed by The Art of Gratitude