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May 6, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

We all make numerous decisions everyday from what time we wake up, the clothing we put on, the food we eat, or what we do with our time. We rationalize the decisions we know we shouldn't be making until we are satisfied that we are okay with it. Maybe some of these are familiar to you.

    It doesn't matter if I have one more piece of cake.

    No one is watching me, so if I do it just this once.

    It is just a white lie.

    It doesn't hurt to look.

    Well, I need the money, so this one time...

    Well, if you heard what so and so said, then you would know why I am doing this.

    So, I drive a little faster than the speed limit, I am in a hurrry.

    It is for my kids, they deserve it.

    I will pray thru, I am just not ready now.

I was pricked in my heart today when I read a blog online. I want you to read it as well.

Lust, Pride, and Simplicity Lust is clearly tied to pride (and no, this is not the beginning of my new hip-hop lyrics). We/I lust after things we can't have but don't really want them as much as we just want to know we could have them. Actually, I usually want to take it a step further and fully attain what it is my selfish nature desires before I realize that I don't want it.
Everything we obtain in life comes with something attached. The typical saying is that it's impossible to find something good with no strings attached. Unfortunately, that phrase is usually what old business men say and it is rarely used in the context of the three major sins of our selfish nature.
The lust of eyes may bring us to find fancy new electronics, but they come with a price tag as well as serious time investment that begins to control our lives.
The lust of the flesh may bring me to a buffet, but I can't eat all that food and feel ready to win a speed race directly afterward.
And, finally, the pride of life may convince me that I've got some pretty damn good plans for myself before I realize that I would have been happier had I followed God' will.
You can simply call it consequences if you want to spare yourself the description.
True freedom and joy will arrive when I not only know but also act upon the fact that simplicity and submission of control are more powerful than anything my lust and pride can find.
The above was written by a popular rock star. I quoted it as he wrote it.

He made the decision and he realizes it has cost him. However, we must realize that sometimes the decisions we make affect not just us, but our children, our friends, our family, our church.

I know of a lady who 'goes to church' and has for years, but she has never really been completely sold out. Many have worked with her and her family but it always comes down to she doesn't have time, she has things to do, she is sick, etc. Yet, she is always calling someone for prayer. "Please pray for my sons, they are in jail again. Please say a prayer for my son, he is on drugs, and I don't understand it when he used to have the holy ghost."

Decisons, that were made most likely cost this family their souls.

I have seen other families come into church, but they are for the most part ignored, despite the fact on a Sunday morning, it is usually the pews they sit in that are filled with visitors; but they are not good enough to help out in sunday school , or to sing with the choir.

And then we wonder when those who at one time were so full of God, never come back, because of something that was said that hurt to the core of their soul. It is easy to blame them personally, but the decision a minister made left them feeling they were not welcome. They ask for prayer from friends and family, but their kids are no longer serving God. It doesn't matter that he used to be a pastor, he wasn't good enough because he could no longer support practices that he felt were wrong, so they stopped coming and before long it ended in a broken marriage, and a family destined for hell. Is it their fault, or does the ministry hold some responsibilty as well?

The decisions made possibly cost the church the revival you have been asking God to bring for years. But it isn't your fault, how could it be. If they loved God they would be here, even if they felt like they were not wanted.

Are their things we are doing today that will negatively affect our church, our children, our future? I would hope not, but we all make decisions that bring change in our lives, and most often bring an effect on our future that will cost us heavily.

Lust, pride, and impatience are connected to decisions we make that are usually wrong, but do we even care anymore? God wake us up somehow before it is too late and we are responsible for another soul.

While thinking of this today, I came across a message from First Apostolic Church in Nashville, TN. It was very much worth listening to. It was entitled 'A Decision for a Lifetime.' What is your decision going to be?